6 week Regenerative Horticulture Course

Every Tuesday from February 2023 from 20th to 26th March and from April 16th – 21st May.

at Foxhole Community Garden, Dartington Estate 

Learn how to garden for your own health and that of the environment, grow organic vegetables, flowers and plants, create wildlife sanctuaries and garden with nature, creating sensory planting schemes, areas of rest and tranquillity.

It is a great introduction for those who want to grow on any scale, whether it is a small patio garden, an allotment or on a larger piece of land.

Over the six weeks we cover the foundations of:

Soil Care

Seed sowing

Planning your site

Plant Maintenance

Growing a healthy garden


We focus on regenerative horticulture practices learning how to use organic, no-dig gardening techniques to grow beautiful gardens, flowers and vegetables.

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in or some experience of gardening or plant knowledge, and can be enjoyed by enthusiastic beginners and more experienced gardeners alike.

Students can expect 1 day a week of practical learning outdoor in all weathers.

While each course will stand alone you can expect a different seasonal focus depending on when the course is running.

The course cost per 6 weeks is offered on a sliding scale with limited tickets available at 3 tranches: £90 – low wage/unemployed, £120 – standard ticket, £150 – supporter ticket.

Contact Zoe for any questions about course content. To book the next course go to: https://bookwhen.com/foxholegarden

For more information [email protected] 07505 805111